Mar 15, 2010

SD Aegis WIP #1

Weekend is over and once again i have no school on monday and tuesday^^
So that aught me some time to do some gunpla^^
Just snapfitted the SD Aegis and i am about to spray him black!
Here are some pics:

Stay tuned!

Mar 11, 2010

Master Grade Exia Repair

Here he is:

Master Grade GN-001RE Gundam Exia Repair




Head detail:
As i mentioned earlier i painted the damaged part and put some ink on the surrounding parts and rubbed it out so it looked a little busted, looks great!

Feet,toes can move!:

GN Sword, Folded

GN Sword, Gun mode


GN Sword, Sword mode

Another zoom

And there he is,in my display case!

Also i forgot to mention last month that my blog is 1 year! happy birhtday! XD
Right now i dont feel like finishing an older gunpla(on the In-Progress list)
But starting on a new one;SD Aegis to be exact think i'll give him a custom paintjob but i need to buy a new can of Tamiya Black if i want to do that!

I think monday i'll post something new.

Until next week everybody have a nice weekend!

MG Exia Repair : Preview

A bit later than i planned but oh well.
finished MG Exia Repair today,did some panellining and not much decals/stickers because i kinda liked him a bit plain, also painted and drybrushed his half torn face(the original plastic color was grey i did some black painting and some silver drybrushing) Just did the photoshoot, now im going to clean up my room and put him in my display case =D

I'll post the photoshoot later this evening, until then have a preview!

Mar 8, 2010

MG Exia Repair WIP 3#

All i need to do now is the weapons,shield,decals,panelines and decals! i'll try to do that today but no promises! xD

Mar 7, 2010

MG Exia Repair WIP 2#

Just wanted to share this with you guys!
im now starting on the leg-hip connector parts and when its all in one piece i'll post a pic!

MG Exia Repair WIP #1

I know i told you guys i'd start on Gunpla yesterday but i couldnt find my Gunpla pliers! so i was all like 'f*ck what now? buy new ones?' but...
this morning i searched one last time and i found them!
Just started with MG Exia Repair!
as of the 'cape' it suppose to be black but it was more like Olive drab color.
so i just sprayed them black and put them on Exia^^
i also just made the right arm(left arm i dont need to make for the Repair version,saves some time lolz)+right shoulder and also the hip part.
see pictures!

Cape before:

Cape after spraying:

Im starting on the feet and legs right now, i hope i can post the (complete)snapfitted exia today.... if i could do that,
tommorow i'll finish him(still need to do the panellines,decals,stickers, and weapons & shield then)

See you in a bit!